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    Simply System Texsolv

    World class weaving solutions

    For all hand looms

Hand weaving perfection

System Texsolv consists of three main parts and is a complete solution for all loom types.The three parts are: our unique heddles system with machine made heddles in polyester, a complete tie up system of polyester loop cords, and a peg locking system.


  • Rapid set up
  • Extremely durable
  • Non-stretching
  • Knotless system
  • Always same length
  • Easy to replace
  • Eliminates friction on warp
  • Open construction facilitates threading

Tie up system

  • Rapid loom tie up
  • Fast & accurate adjustment
  • Tie up any loom
  • Durable & strong
  • Knotless system
  • Non-stretching

Innovative Heddles

Texsolv System heddles are made in joined 100-heddle bundles. The strong, durable polyester is crocheted without knots. Heddles do not stretch and slide easily on harnesses. Open construction of heddles facilitates threading and eliminates friction on warp.

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Unique tie up solutions

Texsolv System of unique, crocheted chaincord and special, strong nylon couplers permits rapid loom tie-up. Crocheted polyester cord is extremely durable, non-stretching and knotless. Nylon couplers quickly slide into place

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