What is System Texsolv

System Texsolv consists of three main parts and is a complete solution for all loom types.The three parts are: our unique heddles system with machine made heddles in polyester, a complete tie up system of polyester loop cords, and a peg locking system. System Texsolv is a well tested solution and is used all over the world. many of the world’s loom manufacturer has Texsolv System as standard parts in their looms. Our solutions are popular in the silk hand weaving industry in Asia, where low friction and rapid loom setup is essential. It saves alot of time and minimize problems for the weavers, which increases production.

Texsolv also supply special heddles for Jaquard-weaving:
– Mallion heddles
– Mallion heddles with drawing cord
– Drawing cord with loops


This is how the heddle bundles are delivered. White is standard color. The heddles comes in joined bundles and are locked with four plastic clips. The bundle is ready to be mounted on the shafts

The heddles are easily set up and organized on the loom shafts. They are bundled in a continuing row so they will not be tangled up. The heddles are joined but can easily be separated if necessary, e.g. if a heddle needs to be removed or replaceds

Heddle Sizes

  • 150/12
  • 160/12
  • 180/12
  • 205/12
  • 220/12
  • 237/12
  • 237/64
  • 268/12
  • 268/64
  • 280/12
  • 300/64
  • 318/12
  • 318/64
  • 330/12
  • 330/64
  • 340/12
  • 370/12
  • 390/12
  • 390/64
  • 440/12
  • 540/12

Cords and Pegs

The Texsolv system of harness and treadle tie-up is so versatile it has the answer for any tie-up problem. The polyester loop cord is a continuous string of ” button holes” which can be threaded in and around various loom pieces and secured with either of the two styles of pegs: arrow or anchor. Most tie-ups require only the light loop cord as it has a breaking strength of 180 pounds! For the heavy loads of counter balance rollers or warp beam aprons you may prefer the heavy cord

Texsolv peg lock system consists of two types of pegs, Anchor pegs and Straight pegs . They are strong and durable and can withstand heavy loads. They lock the tie up cord fast and easy.